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My Christmas Blog!

Hello! Whilst I have five minutes I wanted to write a blog to let you know what I've been up to.

I've had an extremely busy lead up to Christmas. In November I had Open Studios here at Make Space Studios, followed by the Christmas Fair in the Cotswold at Daylesford, Luxury Christmas Gift Fair at Salomons Estate, the Animal Art Fair Exhibition on the Kings Road, Eaton House The Manor Girls' School Christmas Fair, The Young Artists Christmas Exhibition at the Guggleton Farm Arts Project in Stalbridge, Sandroyd Christmas Fair, Chelsea Physic Garden Christmas Fair and Dulwich College Christmas Fair.

Luxury Christmas Gift Fair at Salomons Estate

I've had a fantastic time and it's been really encouraging hearing all the kind words about my work and having such positive feedback, (and the sales were very welcome too)! I would like to also say a huge thanks to Jo Copsey who manned the stand at Dulwich College whist I was at Chelsea Physic Garden, couldn't have done it without her, quite literally!

However, nothing is ever plain sailing and I had a few crises along the way like driving off without the fabric which is fundamental to my stand as the backdrop for my artwork, and which had been beautifully sewn by mother's fine hand. Needless to say I arrived at Daylesford in the Cotswold with what would have been the perfect three hours to set up, in rather a panic. Godmother Jennie came to the rescue with a blue and white table cloth!

Another blunder happened having finished setting up at Sandroyd School when the Christmas Fair had just begun I decided (at my phones request) to do the latest software update. My iphone which also doubles up as my card payment system crashed and would neither turn on nor off. Thankfully this happened at about the same time as my Mum turned up so I frantically waved (hoping that I looked totally calm on the outside) and ended up borrowing her rather old battery depleted iPhone. It did the job but what a nightmare!!


So what am I working on now...

Well, having traveled to Perthshire twice (she was a little hairy the first time with her winter coat on) to meet and photograph the beautiful Cassie, I have recently finished the pastel drawing. Here she is.

Cassie - Pastel Drawing

I'm now currently busy with detailed pastel commissions due for Christmas. I'm really excited about these two and can't wait to upload the photos of them once they've been delivered.

I am also super busy with personalised gold leaf paintings. It's great fun using the outline of a dog/cat/boat/person and turning it into a painting. Here are three of my latest commissions.


I have been so busy with work that I haven't had a chance to do anything typically Christmassy yet. Although I have for the first time bought my very own Christmas tree but with only four baubles it's not looking quite as festive as I'd imagined. So I was really excited to see a workshop yesterday put on by Morley College on Lower Marsh next to my studio where you could make your own wreaths. Here is my creation!


Right, I had better get back to my commissions! Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Imi xx


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