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Autumn Update & Christmas Fair Invitation...

How has it been two months already since my last blog?! And what I'm about to say is even weirder; my first Christmas fair for 2016 is next week!

Held in the grounds of Tedworth Park in Tidworth on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th September is the Early, Early Christmas Fair. 10% of each item bought goes to ABF - The Soldiers’ Charity.

Buy tickets now and not only will you get to see me, but also your name will be entered into the prize draw with the chance of winning 3 nights in a tropical luxury resort. Please click here to buy your tickets.


So, what is new I hear you ask?

Well, I have exciting news to share...

I have a new print on the block to add to the collection of limited edition giclee prints. Here is Philip, name chosen by Jessica Dixon on Facebook. He can be purchased framed (£250) or unframed (£120) from the online shop. Click on the image below to be taken there.

I was so pleased with Philip I have also made him into my 2016 Christmas card.

A5 in size with an envelope to match, individually cellophane wrapped and blank inside.

5 for £10 or £2.50 each

(Click on the image to be taken to the shop)

And as if things couldn't get more exciting I have also made my pastel drawings of birds into limited edition giclee prints. Now, I'm unable to say the type of birds that they are due to using a word that is deemed inappropriate by the web company (this did make me chuckle!) but do click on the pictures to be taken o the page where you will be able to find out what they are. They too can be bought both framed (£150), and unframed (£65). Here are the gang below.

(Click on the images to take you to the shop)

And like the pheasant I thought they too would work nicely as small (12.5x12.5cm) square cards (blank inside).

(I'm sure you're know what I'm going to say... Click here to be taken to the shop of cards)


I have been working from home for the last couple of months due to the British summer believe it or not. On a hot day like those we've been having my porta cabin studio has had more of a greenhouse feel, despite the window and door being wide open. Whilst I refuse to put myself through the heat, I kid myself it is for the health of Norman who does not do well in high temperatures! It is ironic that recently I was buying a thermal insulated boiler suit to get me through the cold. At least I'm prepared for the winter that is soon approaching us!

Commission wise I have been drawing a lovely labradoodle called Tayto. Instead of drawing a head and shoulder portrait or full body, we have chosen something different and rather fun. I shall keep you all in suspense until it is complete!

I have also begun a drawing of a beautiful horse called Cassie that took me to Perthshire twice (the first time she was rather hairy so we had to wait a couple of months until she had lost her winter coat!). I shall be uploading photos soon.

Dates for the diary:

The Dummer Fair - Dummer Cricket Centre - 12th & 13th October

Make Space Open Studios - Waterloo, London - 3rd, 5th &6th November

Christmas Fair in the Cotswolds at Daylesford in aid of WellChild - 7th, 8th & 9th November Luxury Christmas Gift Fair - Salomon's Estate, Tunbridge Wells - 11th &12th November

Sandroyd Christmas Fair - 25th November

Dulwich College Christmas Fair - 26th &27th November

Chelsea Physic Garden Christmas Fair - 26th & 27th November

Meanwhile if you'd like to hear more from me do follow me on social media. I post a picture of either what I'm drawing, things I find inspiring and a lot of my funny pug Norman who amuses me daily!

Facebook: Imogen Man Artist

Instagram: @imogenmanart

Or do get in touch via email:

I look forward to hearing from you : )

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